Lanier Technical College Adult Education

WE ARE LTC - Jungyoon and Suhyun‘s Stories (Language: Korean / 한국어)

December 13, 2021

This podcast episode is in Korean.  If you do not speak Korean, you may skip ahead to the next episode.  Listen to Jungyoon and Suhyun's stories about their experiences in the ESL program in Barrow County as they speak with Zachary Bagley, Lanier Tech Adult Education Volunteer and a student at the University of North Georgia.  For more details about our English Language or High School Equivalency preparation classes, please visit

ESL 이야기 시리즈의 3회동안에는 노스조지아 대학생 재커리 배글리가 배로우군 ESL 학생들 황정윤이랑 박수현을 인터뷰한다. Lanier Tech ESL 프로그램을 참여하기를 통해 영어 배우는것에 어떻게 도움이 되어서 목표를 이루게 되었는지 알려주는것에대한 회이다.

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